Sanitary Sewer Connection Fee

Sanitary Sewer Connection Fee Webpage

Connection to the public sanitary sewer is required of any dwelling or other building in which people live or congregate when a sewer main or lateral line is reasonably available. If city sanitary sewer services are not reasonably available, please contact the Engineering Department to determine options for wastewater disposal at (757) 933-2311. Where the city system is not reasonably available, onsite systems or individual pumping systems may be required. For more information please refer to Chapter 33 – Sewers and Sewage Disposal in the Newport News Code of Ordinances.


The current connection rates for sanitary sewer are available in Chapter 33, Article II – Connections to Public Sewer of the Newport News Code of Ordinances. Fees are updated annually on July 1st. Please contact the Development Services Permit office for more information regarding residential single family home connection fees at or 757-933-2311. For information regarding connection fees for commercial, multi-family residential, or industrial developments, please contact Development Services for calculations at or 757-926-8761.