Wastewater Administration

Wastewater Administration consists of several staff and technical positions. The primary responsibility of the Administration staff is to support the Sanitary Sewer and Operational and Management Teams. Staff members are multi-disciplined and are therefore able to "fill in" for various positions during periods of prolonged employee absences.

Wastewater Administrator

The Wastewater Administrator maintains administrative authority over the division by working with and directing the Assistant Administrator as the head of daily operations. In addition he is directly responsible for the oversight and evaluation of capital and larger in-house work projects involving the Sanitary Sewer system. Policy directives from the Public Works Director, Assistant City Managers, and the City Manager are implemented by the Wastewater Administrator. Internal and external policy directives are used by the Wastewater Administrator for budget monitoring and development.

Assistant Wastewater Administrator

The Assistant Wastewater Administrator is directly responsible for the daily operation of the entire Wastewater Division. Reporting directly to the Administrator, this position is also responsible for development and implementation of safety, training, and other relevant plans and programs. The Assistant Administrator fills in for the Administrator during absences for sick leave and vacation.

Programs Coordinator

The Programs Coordinator is responsible for managing a variety of Wastewater programs to ensure compliance with federal and state regulatory agencies. Programs include the Fats Oils and Grease (FOG) program and the Management, Operations, and Maintenance (MOM) program. Reporting directly to the Wastewater Administrator, this position also oversees the divisional requirements of the Regional State Order of Consent (SOC) with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ).

Wastewater Inspector

Under the supervision of the Programs Coordinator this position is responsible for enforcing the Wastewater Ordinance. The Wastewater Inspector monitors the discharge of FOG into the City’s wastewater system and inspecting the city’s Food Service Establishment (FSE) properties to ensure compliance with the city’s FOG portion of the Wastewater Ordinance. The Wastewater Inspector is also responsible for ensuring illicit discharges of stormwater to the wastewater system are disconnected. This position requires a Conservator of the Peace who can issue summons to court when necessary.

Administrative Technician

Performs administrative support functions not limited to filing, word processing, creating spreadsheets, data entry and retrieval, report preparation, and determining the appropriate processes to be used. Functions may include reviewing and completing forms, reports, questionnaires, work orders, service requests and other similar documents to ensure accuracy and conformance to established procedures and policies. Assists with employment process to include scheduling interviews, and preparing interview packets for interview panels; may assist with processing division timesheets and payroll. May assist with division specific job duties to include, dispatching crews to worksites, monitoring alarm systems utilizing a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software, collecting and processing payments or similar duties. May track, process, and  reconcile division reports. Analyzes and evaluates current administrative process and procedures.