Sanitary Sewer Overflow Report

Sanitary Sewer Overflow

In order to provide the citizens of Newport News timely information concerning their public health and safety the Public Works Department, Wastewater Division publicizes an annual summary of the reportable Sanitary Sewer Overflows that have occurred within the city limits. 

A Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) is defined as a discharge of sanitary sewer into the environment. In accordance with Federal and State Regulations as well as our commitment to providing the most efficient conveyance system, the number and quantity of discharge for SSO must be minimized. The Wastewater Division is responsible for reporting to the State Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) overflows, which meet the following definition.


Sanitary Sewer discharge is reportable when it:

  • Has the potential of reaching state waters. "State Waters" means all water, on the surface and under the ground, wholly or partially within or bordering the Commonwealth or within its jurisdiction, including wetlands.
  • Reaches state waters.
  • Has the potential of impacting the Public Health and Safety

If a citizen has any questions concerning this list or information related to it please feel free to contact the Wastewater Division at 757-933-2311, or email us so that we can help answer your questions or concerns.