Sanitary Sewer Operations & Maintenance

The Sanitary Sewer Operations and Maintenance program is split into two distinct sections; the Collector / Analysis, Inspection, Maintenance, Support (A.I.M.S) section and the Pump Station section.

Collector/AIMS Section

The Collector / A.I.M.S section has two Operations Supervisors that oversee the daily operations and report to the Operations Superintendent.

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Crews are responsible for investigating stoppages and marking emergency requests for wastewater utility marking. Stoppage Crews are available for work on a sixteen-hour a day basis. The Stoppage Crews are equipped with a probing rod and metal detectors and are the “first responders” to customer calls for service. The Stoppage Crew will investigate the cause of the sewer stoppage and will clear blockage when able, or call in additional crews to clear the blockage.


Pump Station Operation and Maintenance

There are currently over 190 pumping stations located throughout the city. Maintenance and Instrumentation Control Specialist Teams under the direction of the Pump Station Operations Superintendent perform preventive and corrective maintenance on all mechanical and electrical equipment associated with the stations. Additionally, four Generator Specialists perform preventive and corrective maintenance on emergency generators for pumping stations.

Modern technology plays an important role in the activities of this group. The latest upgrade in the city’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition technology (SCADA) system is in Phase II of a three phase program of installation. This new SCADA system will integrate existing and new systems to continuously monitor all sewer flows, wet well levels, system pressures, and overall condition of the pumping stations from our operations center in the Public Works Complex. It will also allow a significant improvement in system integration between our software and hardware systems as never before. In addition this will also allow our pumping stations to be remotely controlled by specialized computer technology as needed during severe storm events. An apprenticeship program for Pumping Station Mechanical and Electrical personnel has been established which will help to assure that our staff is trained in the latest technology and personnel development training.

Pump Station Operations Superintendent

There are two Operations Superintendents for the Pump Station section. One Superintendent is in charge of the mechanical portions of the pump stations and the valve maintenance, overseeing the Maintenance Mechanics and the Maintenance Specialists. The other Operations Superintendent for the Pump Station section oversees the electrical and generator portions of the pump stations, overseeing the Instrumentation Control Specialists, the Electricians, and the Generator Specialists.