Driveway Policy


Sec. 38-40. - Access driveways and ramps; curb and gutter work

In accordance with the City Code, the Street Maintenance Division of Public Works does not maintain accesses / driveways to private property, which may consist of concrete, asphalt, stone or other approved materials. The Street Maintenance Division will repair or replace concrete, asphalt and stone driveways within city right-of-way, only if they have been damaged by city activity.

Section 38-40 of the City Code, establishes the following policy on driveways and ramps:
  • (a) Vehicle access from the public street pavement to private or public property may be allowed only over an approved driveway or ramp constructed under the conditions described in this section.
  • (b) No person shall install any curb and gutter or lower the curb on any street, or create, repair or modify any driveway or ramp, either temporary or permanent, within the right-of-way lines of the city, without first obtaining a permit therefore from the director of public works under the provisions of this article. All such curb and gutter, driveways or ramps shall be constructed and curbs lowered according to plans approved by the director of public works and under the supervision of the director of public works and subject to such conditions as the director may prescribe as to materials used and manner of construction. All driveways or ramps shall be fully constructed according to city standards over their entire width between the edge of the pavement of the street and the property line of the property to be served by such driveway or ramp. All driveway or ramp construction, reconstruction, replacement and repairs, where necessary, shall be done at the expense of the owner of the property being served by such driveway and it shall be such owner's responsibility at all times to keep the driveway or ramp and the sidewalk crossed by such driveway or ramp in good repair at such owner's own expense.
  • (c) When and if the use of any driveway or ramp is discontinued, the owner of the abutting property shall obtain a permit to remove the same and shall, at such owner's own expense, restore the area from the edge of the pavement to the property line in accordance with the established street and sidewalk pattern.
See Engineering Department Right-of-Way Permit page for additional information.