Vector Control Operations & Maintenance

Vector Control
The Vector Control section provides the citizens of Newport News and participating localities with sound vector control practices. Mosquito control in Newport News is conducted according to the concept of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM is based on ecological, economic and social principles and integrates multidisciplinary methodologies in developing pest management strategies that are practical and effective to protect public health and the environment and improve the quality of life for Newport News residents and visitors.

Integrated Pest Management
An IPM program consists of:
  • Surveillance for larvae and adult mosquitoes
  • Establishment of action thresholds
  • Selection of appropriate control strategies, using the best available technology.
A practitioner of IPM must be knowledgeable of the biology and ecology of mosquitoes, monitoring techniques and state of the art management tactics that will eliminate or reduce nuisance and mosquito borne disease in accordance with Section 32. 1 -187 of the Code of Virginia and this plan.

Mosquito Control Process

Operations Superintendent

The Vector Control Operations Superintendent supervises and manages the vector control section utilizing the concepts of Integrated Pest Management with the objective of providing the citizens of Newport News with sound vector control services. Coordinates and supervises crews responsible for the implementation of the city's vector control plan and the application of herbicides to city owned and maintained property.

Vector Control Technicians

Vector Control Technicians responds to complaints concerning rodents, weeds and insects including mosquito infestations and related concerns from the general public; locates breeding areas, identifies the weeds or disease plants and diagnoses the problem; selects, prepares and applies appropriate chemical control as a last resort.