Stormwater Administration

Stormwater Administration consists of several staff and technical positions. The primary responsibility of the administrative staff is to support the Stormwater management groups. Staff members are multi-disciplined and are therefore able to "fill in" for various positions during periods of prolonged employee absences.

Administration positions are as follows:

Stormwater Administrator
The Stormwater Administrator is responsible for the daily operation of the Stormwater Division. Policy directives from the Public Works Director, Assistant City Managers, and the City Manager are implemented by the Stormwater Administrator. Internal and external policy directives are used by the Stormwater Administrator for budget monitoring and development.

Staff Assistant
The Staff Assistant is responsible for assuring data entry, financial, personnel, safety, and other Stormwater Division records and documents are up to date. This position serves as primary administrative support to the Administrator and Operations Superintendents.