Traffic Control Plans

The basic objective of each Traffic Control Plan (TCP) is to permit the contractor to work within the public right of way efficiently and effectively, while maintaining a safe, uniform flow of traffic. Both construction work and public interest must be given consideration when developing a traffic control plan. When considering the public, attention must be given to all aspects of travel (vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian) through the work zone.
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The City of Newport News requires any contractor, firm, corporation, or other public / private agency to prepare a traffic control plan and obtain the city’s approval of that plan as part of the right-of-way permit when construction, repair, or maintenance work is to be conducted on over or under, the city’s right-of-way.

TCP’s shall be consistent with the provisions found in the Virginia Work Area Protection Manual (VWAPM), The City of Newport News Supplement to the VWAPM or the Federal Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and must be submitted to the Department of Engineering Permits Office.

TCP’s are a required and necessary component of most work zones and may be the single most important tool for safe and effective traffic control operations. The following information is provided to assist in establishing uniformity in the development of complete TCP's. This checklist shall be used as a guide to ensure that all of the required elements are covered, and when used, will help expedite the plan review process.