Residential Parking Permit Program


The Residential Parking Permit Program (RPPP) is a resident initiated program which designates on-street parking for the exclusive use of adjacent residents. This program is a tool used to address over-spill parking from surrounding uses such as, educational facilities, apartment buildings, transit stations, large employment centers, stadiums, etc. In order for a street to be included in the program, a petition must be completed and submitted to the Department of Engineering. The Transportation Division will evaluate the parking limitations on the named street(s) and make a determination if there is a need for the program for the requested area. The recommendation will be forwarded to city council for a hearing and legislative action. For more details regarding the program regulations and permit exemptions, please refer to Chapter 26, Article IX – Residential Parking Permit Program in the Newport News Code of Ordinances (hyperlink). See the map (hyperlink) for the current RPPP streets/areas.

Permit Qualifications and Requirements

Following the designation of an RPPP area by city council, parking signs will be installed and residents of the street/block must secure a permit in order to legally park their vehicles on their street. Permits are issued weekdays, between 8:30am and 4:30pm by the Development Services Permit office (City Hall, 2400 Washington Avenue, 2nd floor) to individuals who provide the required documentation for entry into the permit database. In some cases, such as military, the type of items required may vary; but, for most requests the following documentation is required:

  • A valid driver’s license which reflects the address in the RPPP area.
  • The current vehicle registration in the name of the licensed driver. The registration must also reflect the address in the RPPP area.
  • Proof of residency, which can be demonstrated by producing a lease agreement, a rent receipt, a utility bill for the residence, etc. Any of these documents must contain the name and same address as the driver’s license and vehicle registration.

A permit may be issued to each verified resident for their vehicle up to a maximum of three (3) vehicles per residence. Each permit is assigned to a specific vehicle and cannot be transferred unless appropriate documentation is provided to staff. For more information, please download the Residential Parking Permit Program brochure (PDF). If you have any questions, please contact the Development Services Permit office at or 757-933-2311.

Permit Fee (nonrefundable)

An annual fee of six dollars ($6.00) is required for each permit issued to a vehicle. One (1) annual visitor pass will be issued per residence free of charge. Permits expire annually on June 30th regardless of the issued date.

Temporary Passes

Once a resident is verified and issued a permanent parking permit, they may request temporary parking passes at the Police Department Headquarters building located at 9710 Jefferson Avenue. Call 757-247-2500 to verify headquarters hours of operation for residents. Temporary passes are valid for a maximum of 72 hours.