Adopt-A-Spot Program

Ever notice some little area in your neighborhood that could look a whole lot better if only somebody bothered to care for it once in a while? Ever wonder how good you would feel if you were that somebody?

This could be your chance to find out how rewarding caring for your community can be.

Whether you are one person or a member of a group, you can Adopt-a-Spot. You can be a neighborhood, business, civic league, a small association, or one of the largest organizations in your community. All that’s important is you agree that litter is an eyesore and you’re ready to provide some relief.

What’s In It For You or Your Organization

  • Recognition
  • Sign bearing your name at your location
  • A cleaner community
  • Pride in knowing that you are making a difference in your community

What You Have To Do

  • Commit to Adopt for a minimum of two years
  • Select a location
  • Submit your location for approval
  • Get trained
  • Get started, and do at least four cleanups per year!

What The City Does

  • Make sure location is available for adopting group
  • Inspect potential location for safety and other regulations

Once Approved

  • Set up training
  • Order your sign
  • Provide supplies for cleanups
For more information call 757-933-2311.

Student Videos

View local student-made video clips: