Collection Schedule & Calendar

Garbage / Bulk / Recycling Collection Schedule & Calendar

The City of Newport News collects household trash, bulk/brush debris, and recyclable material on a prescribed schedule. To determine your collection day, call 757-933-2311 or reference the web pages below.

Services Offered

 Household trash
is placed in the green cart and rolled to the curb by residents where it is collected each week on a designated day of the week.

 Bulk and brush debris are collected biweekly on the same day and week. Bulk and brush should be placed separately at the curb by residents where each is collected on alternate weeks on a designated day of the week. Brush debris is collected after bulk debris on the same day because brush is taken to a different facility to be ground and recycled.

 Recyclable material is collected on alternate weeks for cart service and weekly for bin service. Recyclable material should be placed in the blue cart or blue bin at the curb by residents the designated day of the week

Determining Your Service Days

Designated collection days can be determined by finding the street name on the Garbage / Bulk / Recycling Collection Schedule (PDF) and then looking to the right of the street name to see collection days for Trash, Bulk Waste & Brush, and Recycling.

Household trash is collected every week on the designated day. Note that for bi-weekly Bulk Waste & Brush and Recycling a color (either red or yellow) is associated with the designated collection day. This color denotes the specific week of your bi-weekly collection, which can be found on this document: Solid Waste Collection Calendar 2023 (PDF). Most residents receive Bulk waste, Brush and Recycling collection on the same day but there are some streets where this is different. Please check the schedule for any variation. In the event of a City-observed holiday, collections will be postponed until the day after the holiday. 

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