Barking Dogs & "Pooper-Scooper" Law Enforcement

Local ordinance requires pet owners to clean up after their animals and keep their animals from disturbing the peace by frequent or long continued noises. Since these violations are difficult for Animal Welfare Officers to directly observe, the Animal Welfare Division (AWD) does not regularly issue summonses for these violations. However, the AWD will send a letter advising the animal owner of the complaint and relevant laws. The letter also includes tips on controlling barking dogs. To have a letter mailed, call the AWD with the exact address of the animal owner and a brief description of the violation.

If the problem is not resolved by the letter, citizens may enforce the law by contacting the Magistrate's Office to have a summons written for which the pet owner may receive a fine. The Magistrate's Office is located at 224 26th Street. More information about the Magistrate's Office can be obtained by calling 757-926-8475.