Animal Sheltering, Strays & Owner Surrenders

Animal Sheltering

The Animal Welfare Division (AWD) impounds all animals at the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter where they are housed pending redemption by owners, adoption by citizens, or other disposition as provided by statute, ordinance, and regulation.

Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter (PRAS)

The Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter is located at 5843 Jefferson Ave Newport News, VA 23605. For more information about the shelter and for information about the hours of operation, call 757-933-8900 or visit their website at


The Animal Welfare Division picks up stray animals running at large and impounds them at the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter. The shelter houses them until the owners are found, they are adopted, or, if unadoptable, they are euthanized.

Owner Surrenders

Unwanted animals may be owner-surrendered to the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter. The AWD does not normally pick up owner-surrendered animals. Citizens are requested to bring their pet directly to the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter in order to complete an Animal Surrender Form which provides detailed information about the pet and increases the pet's chances of adoption.