Setting Up a Recycling Program at Work

Establish Your Recycling Potential
  • Look in the trash to determine what is being thrown away.
  • Learn how to conduct a waste audit.
  • Determine the frequency and amount of the waste disposal service your business currently uses.
  • Estimate the waste disposal cost savings if your business recycled.
Get Management Support
  • Management support is an important part of a successful recycling program.
  • Develop an environmental policy for your business that gives employees a clear direction of your company's environmental commitment.
Design a User-Friendly Recycling Program
  • Contact a recycling company and have them provide you with a quote and input on how to collect materials.
  • Coordinate with other businesses and/or your property manager to establish a recycling cooperative. Your waste hauler will be able to provide you with information on how to set this up. This will allow for a higher quantity of recyclables which will make your company more attractive to recycling companies.
Promote the Program & Educate Staff
  • Evaluate the program on a scheduled basis.
  • Provide updates on the program in company newsletters and bulletin boards so employees will know that their efforts are making a difference.
  • Submit press releases about your program to local media.
  • Call the Newport News Business Recycling Office at 757-933-2311 for free educational materials or on-site assistance.