Recycling vs. Garbage

Recycling Really Can Save You Money
Have you ever thought about how recycling can save you money? Yes, it is understood that there are associated costs with a recycling program. It costs money to send out trucks and workers to collect recyclable materials. In certain market conditions, it even costs money to recycle those materials. Despite these costs, recycling can save businesses money, especially over the long term.

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Here's an example of how you can save money by recycling:
You are not currently recycling and at least 50% of your garbage consists of paper, cardboard, tin, aluminum and glass. An 8-yard garbage dumpster is picked up once a week at a cost of let's say $265 per month. Prices vary depending on your current waste hauler, dumpster size, and frequency of collection. Please contact your waste hauler for price information related to your business.

If you recycle certain products, primarily office paper and cardboard, you can downsize the garbage dumpster to 4-yards picked up once per week at a cost of $165 per month. Add a 4-yard paper and cardboard recycling dumpster picked up once per week at a cost of $63 per month and you've saved $37 a month. Over twelve months, this is a savings of $444.

With those kinds of savings, how can you choose not to recycle?