Animal Services

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The mission of the City of Newport News Animal Services Division is to promote responsible pet ownership and the humane treatment of animals, equip pets with identification at all times, oversee compliance with statutes and ordinances, reduce pet overpopulation, and implement education programs. We treat the symptoms of irresponsible pet ownership, while seeking to eliminate the causes by the compassionate use of education and enforcement. We have adopted the credo that the most important thing in life is to have a sense of purpose to find and do what we really care about. Really living well is when we feel that, to some extent, we have had an effect on the world, and that we have helped to relieve the suffering of animals around us.

Our qualified and compassionate animal service personnel render services and assistance to citizens upon request regarding domestic animals. Our animal control officers work to protect the public as well as the animals of the City of Newport News.

Animal Services Monthly Report


After Hours Emergency Service
The Animal Services Division provides after-hours response in order to protect the health and safety of animals and the public.
Animal Cruelty Investigations
The Animal Services Division is dedicated to the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the city by enforcing state and local animal welfare laws and ordinances.
Animal Sheltering, Strays & Owner Surrenders
The Animal Services Division impounds all animals at the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter located at 5843 Jefferson Avenue Newport News, VA 23605. All animals are housed pending redemption by owners, adoption by citizens, or other disposition.
Barking Dogs & Pooper-Scooper Law Enforcement
Local ordinance requires pet owners to clean up after their animals and keep their animals from disturbing the peace by frequent or long continued noises.
Community Education Programs
The Animal Services Division is dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership through education.
Dangerous & Vicious Dog Investigations
The Animal Services Division conducts investigations of dangerous and vicious dogs.
Dead Animal Removal
The Animal Services Division picks up dead animals on the roadways and city right-of-ways.
Disaster Preparedness
The Animal Services Division is dedicated to educating the citizens of Newport News on how to protect their pets in the event of a disaster.
Feral Cat Abatement
The Animal Services Division provides assistance with feral cat removal and offers humane traps to Newport News citizens.
Leash Law Enforcement
Dog owners are required to keep their dog under their immediate control any time the dog is taken off their property.
Lost & Found Animals
The Animal Services Division maintains a list of lost and found pets and records of every animal impounded by its officers.
Pet Licensing 
All dogs and cats 4 months old and older are required by state and local laws to wear a rabies tag and an animal license tag on their collar.
Rabies Control
Citizens can report animal bites to the Animal Services Division or directly to the Department of Public Health.