Transportation Division

The Transportation Services Division is a services / analytical-based engineering and operations function, providing for the safe and efficient movement of pedestrian and vehicular traffic on City of Newport News streets in accordance with policy and the city comprehensive Transportation Plan and the Regional Transportation Plan.
Division of Transportation



The Engineering Section performs investigations, accident analysis, traffic signal programming, system-wide monitoring and analysis, and regulatory control studies. This section:

  • Accomplishes transportation planning of streets and safety-based programs
  • Administers a citywide traffic signal system and street lighting program
  • Coordinates projects with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and the Department of Rail and Public Transportation, conducts public informational meetings and prepares / presents project information broadcasts and street closure notices
  • Develops and presents construction work zone safety training and work zone safety plan reviews in conformance with the Virginia Work Area Protection Manual
  • Monitors roadway and public parking area lighting requirements, and, coordinates non-departmental right-of-way electrical utility service and processes invoice payments
  • Performs traffic and transportation studies, and reviews site and subdivision development plans for circulation, access and parking requirements


The Operations Section has the responsibility to maintain the approximately 257 traffic signals, 3,500,000 feet of pavement markings, 43,000 signs and guardrails. Additionally they are responsible for maintaining the city's traffic count program that is used to monitor growth trends and numbers of vehicles that utilize the city's roadway system daily.

They also locate underground traffic-control devices in response to Miss Utility requests from citizens and businesses.

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