Writing / Printing Paper

  • Make double-sided copies whenever possible.
  • Reuse envelopes and use 2-way envelopes.
  • Route or circulate memos, periodicals and reports, rather than distributing individual copies.
  • Use voice or electronic mail or post memos on a central bulletin board.
  • Make scratch pads from used paper.
  • Use outdated letterhead for in-house memos.
  • Eliminate unnecessary forms. Double-side forms or redesign them to fit on a half sheet.
  • Use narrow-ruled notebooks.
  • Save documents on floppy disks instead of printing hard copies.
  • Use central files for hard copies.
  • Print more words on each page (e.g., smaller font, narrow margins).
  • Proof documents on screen before printing.
  • Print drafts on paper already printed on one side.
  • Use same draft of report for corrections by several people.
  • Accept final in-house documents with hand corrections.
  • Seek methods to reduce production errors.
  • Donate old magazines or journals to hospitals, clinics, or libraries.
  • Keep mailing lists current/one copy per address.
  • Call or mail postcards directly to senders asking that your name be removed from mailing lists.
  • Ask to be removed from mailing lists. Reduce advertising mail by writing to:
    Direct Marketing Association
    Mail Preference Service, DMA
    P.O. Box 9008
    Farmingdale, NY 11735-9008