6 Steps to Successful Recycling

1. Select a Recycling Program Coordinator
  • Plan the program
  • Develop the implementation schedule
  • Monitor the program
2. Determine the Quantity & Quality of Material You Plan to Recover
  • Perform an in-house Waste Audit; most waste hauling companies provide this service at no charge
3. Establish Contracts for the Sale of the Recovered Materials
  • Market materials through contract with recycling firm or waste hauler
  • Market the materials yourself
4. Design & Implement a Collection & Storage Process for Recovered Materials
  • For collection - determine locations and seek help of Maintenance or Building Supervisor
5. Educate Employees
  • Secure and distribute written notice of top management support
  • Schedule meetings with department heads
  • Continuous distribution of information (posters, newsletters, etc.)
6. Monitor & Reinforce the New Recycling Program
  • Respond to employees' questions
  • Publicize status
  • Consider participation incentives