Solid Waste Code Enforcement


The purpose of enforcement is to keep our neighborhoods and commercial areas clean and free of litter. Chapter 19 of the City Code (commonly called the Solid Waste Code) establishes what may and may not be placed curbside for city collection and limits services to occupied single family households. No services are provided to non-residential properties.


Four field inspectors have responsibility for enforcing the Solid Waste Code. The map below shows each inspector's inspection area. Unless the problem constitutes an immediate threat to health, safety and welfare, inspectors first advise residents of the violation and seek voluntary compliance. If this fails, residents may be issued a summons. Violations of the Solid Waste Code are class 4 misdemeanors with fines typically ranging from $10 to $250.

Common Violations of the Solid Waste Code

How to Contact Us

To determine if a situation not listed above is a violation, or if you would like to report a problem in your neighborhood, refer to the areas on the map below.
Field Representative Map

You may submit an online form to the field representative assigned to that area. Please be sure to provide complete information as requested.