Development Services

Development Services is a division of the Planning Department which promotes and ensures development is harmonious with surrounding properties and is consistent with the Newport News Code of Ordinances and all other local, state and federal regulations. Development Services does this by coordinating the review of development proposals with various city departments, divisions and offices. Development Services is managed by Flora Chioros, Assistant Director - Current Planning, and can be contacted at 757-926-8761.

Site Plan Review Committee meetings are held every Tuesday from 2 PM to 4 PM in the 7th Floor Conference Room of City Hall (2400 Washington Avenue). In these meetings staff will go over any major issues noted during review of the plan. The applicant is encouraged to attend the meeting to allow staff and the applicant an opportunity ask questions regarding the proposal. Please email or call 757-926-8761 to verify a meeting date and agenda items.


A preliminary design review (pre-design) process is offered free of charge to applicants interested in exploring a conceptual development on a specific site. The pre-design review process requires a sketch be submitted by the applicant for staff to distribute to the Site Plan Review Committee for evaluation. The committee will provide general feedback to the applicant at a Site Plan Review Committee meeting (Tuesdays between 2 PM and 4 PM). The meeting date will be determined by the Development Services Manager. A pre-design review is applied for online using the link below. A completed Pre-Design Checklist must be attached to the application submittal.