Operations Engineering


The Operations Engineering Division acts as an interface between the Departments of Engineering and Public Works with emphasis on improving the coordination between the two departments as it relates to ongoing programs such as the sanitary sewer overflow Special Order by Consent (Consent Order) and the city’s on-going sewer maintenance, operations and management (MOM) program. The Chief of Engineering Operations is Stephen L. Williams, P.E.

Reducing Sewer Overflow

During September 2007, the city of Newport News entered into the Consent Order with the Virginia State Water Control Board for the elimination of sanitary sewer overflows. In addition to Newport News, the other Hampton Roads localities and the Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD) were also parties to the Consent Order. The objective of reducing sanitary sewer overflow requires the assessment of the condition of the city’s sanitary sewer system by inspection and testing of selected sewer facilities.

Sewer Assessment

Condition assessment data will be used to develop a rehabilitation plan to address both identified deficiencies and eliminate excessive amounts extraneous inflow and infiltration entering the sewer system. A capacity assessment of our sanitary sewer system will also be performed that will identify any capacity deficiencies given a designated level of service approved by the Hampton Roads region. The correction of sewer capacity deficiencies will be incorporated into a wet weather management plan and submitted for regulatory review.

The Operations Division will manage the implementation of both the sewer rehabilitation and wet weather management plans and will monitor the progress of the city in complying with the requirements of the Consent Order.

Additional Activities

The Operations Engineering Division will also coordinate the work of HRSD Consent Order activities with city and public stakeholders. Typical activities include the monitoring and tracking of the various HRSD construction projects and assisting HRSD with developing a program to remove extraneous Inflow / Infiltration (I/I) from private sanitary sewer facilities located within the city.