Security Services


The mission of  Security Services is to protect the City’s infrastructure, including facilities, employees, and visitors, and to collaborate with our public safety partners, both public and private, to ensure a safer community for the citizens and visitors of Newport News.

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About Security Services

Security Services employs Armed and Unarmed Security Officers, Contract Staff, Special Conservators of the Peace, and technical specialists, who provide a wide array of professional security services to the City’s Employees, Facilities, and Visitors. Operating in a dynamic and unpredictable, 24-7-365 environment, the Security Services Team operates in three primary areas: Uniform/Patrol, Physical Security, and ID Badge Office.


  • Security officers assigned to multiple City facilities
  • Partnering with other public safety agencies for Citywide special events, City Council meetings, etc.
  • Coordination with LE partners in high risk incidents at City facilities
  • Operation of a security dispatch center, including video and card access monitoring
  • Assumption of the City’s 311 calls after-hours

Physical Security

  • Security and Risk surveys and assessments
  • Coordination of security systems requirements with other departments for camera, alarm, and card access
  • Investigative assistance where video and card information is requested
  • Crime prevention and active shooter awareness education

ID Badge Office

  • Issue, programming, and termination of most City ID badges and assigned access
  • Parking Pass management for some City garages
  • Operational and administrative support