Security Services

About the Security Services Division
The Security Services Division is a division of the Department of Public Works and provides round the clock security presence, site checks, and monitoring services for public libraries, community and cultural arts centers, and other city government facilities.  The division employs Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services certified security professionals, has a 24/7 dispatch center, and manages the city ID badges and access for most other city departments.   

The Security Services Division provides the following services for city employees and departments:
  • Uniformed security presence at city facilities
  • Special Event security for city functions
  • City ID Badge and Access Management
  • Alarm and Video monitoring for city facilities
  • Parking pass management for some city parking garages
  • 311 afterhours calls
  • Crime Prevention awareness presentations


The mission of the Security Services Division is to protect the City’s infrastructure, including facilities, employees, and visitors, and to collaborate with our public safety partners, both public and private, to ensure a safer community for the citizens and visitors of Newport News.