Surplus Property

All supplies, materials, and equipment that are no longer used or that have become obsolete, worn, or scrapped are "surplus."

The city uses several methods when selling surplus property.

Online Auctions
Using the Internet, items are sold to the highest bidder. Check out these sites to see what is available right now.
Public Surplus
Sealed Bids
Written Invitation for Bids are issued by the Office of Purchasing, and bidders return their written bid in a sealed envelope by a specified time.

Traditional Called Auction
The city may use the services of a 3rd party auctioneer to sell vehicles. Items are sold to the highest bidder in accordance with that firm's operations and procedures.

Surplus Locations

Listed below are the normal locations for surplus viewings and bid openings. Also listed are the general categories of surplus items that are usually found there. Please note that these categories are not exclusive and could change from bid to bid. All times for bid openings and viewings are To Be Announced (TBA) on the bid document.

Bid Openings

City Hall 2400 Washington Avenue
Purchasing Department Conference Room, 4th Floor
Newport News, VA 23607

General Surplus

Purchasing Central Warehouse
5849 Jefferson Avenue
Newport News, VA 23605

Public Utilities / Waterworks (Heavy Equipment, Vehicles, Shop Equipment & Office Equipment)

 Waterworks Lee Hall Complex
425 Industrial Park Drive
Newport News, VA 23608

Vehicle Services (Heavy Equipment & Vehicles)

 Vehicle Services
525 Operations Drive
Newport News, VA 23602