1. Administration

    The Administration Division supports the nine operations divisions.

  2. Asset Management

    The Asset Management Division supports Public Works' needs with respect to hardware, software, communications, geographic information systems, and other technological requirements, while supporting an overall asset management framework.

  3. Building Services

    The Building Services Division maintains a safe, secure, comfortable and clean environment for city employees and citizens who use city buildings and facilities.

  4. Community Maintenance

    The Community Maintenance Division enhances the quality of life in our community by providing quality, cost-effective, customer service based, community maintenance services which enhance the cleanliness and aesthetics of our community.

  5. Security Services

    The Security Services Division ensures a safe and secure environment for people visiting our libraries, community and cultural arts centers, as well as those conducting business at city government centers or criminal justice agencies.

  6. Solid Waste

    The Solid Waste Division provides environmentally responsible collection and disposal of residential waste and promotes clean community programs and policies.

  7. Stormwater

    The Stormwater Division maintains all components of the stormwater system in a fashion that allows the system to function as designed, reduce potential for mosquito borne diseases and improve the capacity of Best Management Practices through effective and timely cleaning.

  8. Street Maintenance

    The Street Maintenance Division provides responsive and effective management and maintenance of city streets.

  9. Sustainability

    To facilitate environmentally sustainable local government policies and practices to ensure that the City operates in a way that is economically, environmentally and socially responsible. The Division works to maximize the benefits of the City’s sustainability initiatives and build a foundation for long-term environmental stewardship by creating meaningful partnerships among employees, residents and community stakeholders.

  10. Wastewater

    The Wastewater Division protects public health, safety, and the environment through effective and innovative management, operation and maintenance of the sanitary sewer systems.