Construction and Bridges

The Bridge group implements and manages bridge related projects from City capital improvements, Federal Aid/VDOT Aid, State Revenue Share Funds and State Reimbursement Funds, to include administering and coordinating those design works contracted out as well as those accomplished by City forces. The group manages the projects from planning, design, right-of-way acquisitions when needed, bid procurement, construction and management to project completion. The group also works closely with all City Departments including Public Works and Parks, Recreation, and Tourism on bridges, boardwalks, and piers infrastructures to maintain their proper and safe functions.

The Construction Inspection group provides broad coverage of professional inspection, quality control and materials testing in executing city capital improvement contracts and ensuring orderly progression of private development projects. This group conducts testing on materials used in city construction projects, inspects pump stations, stormwater sewers, sanitary sewers, roadways, bridges and culverts for compliance with state and federal standards; monitors adherence to local ordinances regarding public and private activities in the City rights-of-way.

The primary duties of the division include:

  • Bridge replacements/reconstruction, pier and boardwalk facilities.
  • Administering the City’s bridges and box culverts inspection program.
  • Assuming responsibility for overall bridge infrastructure management, which entails providing evaluation of private development impact on City owned facilities.
  • Managing major road and bridge infrastructure as well as rail transportation projects.
  • On-site inspection of all City projects.
  • Monitoring adherence to local ordinances regarding public and private activities in the City rights-of-way.
The Construction Inspections group responds to citizen comments and complaints, as well as performs inspections with regard to VDOT projects and City projects, and inspects private development activities to ensure compliance with City Design Standards and Standard Specifications, as applicable. If you have any questions or concerns regarding Construction Inspections or right of way issues, please fill out the right-of-way form online.