Civil Design

The Civil Design Division implements and continuously manages projects from city capital improvement, Federal Aid / VDOT Aid, State Revenue Share Fund and State Reimbursement Fund, to include administering and coordinating those design works contracted out as well as those accomplished by city forces. The division manages the projects from planning, design, right-of-way acquisitions when needed, bid procurement, construction and field inspection to the completion, includes, but not limited to the following:
  • Street and bridge improvements / reconstruction, asphalt paving, street reconstruction, citywide ADA, sidewalk / bike trail
  • Stormwater improvement projects include analysis and design of existing systems upgrade and new systems, analysis and improvements on ditches, swales, culverts and spillways
Other than the projects, the division:
  • Administers the city’s bridges and box culverts inspection program
  • Assumes responsibility for overall infrastructure management, which entails providing evaluation of private development impact on city owned facilities
  • Provides expeditious reviewing services for VDOT projects and private development plans to ensure harmony with the comprehensive plan
The division also works closely with staff in Public Works and Parks, Recreation and Tourism on streets, drainage, boardwalks, and piers infrastructures to maintain their proper and safe functions. If you have any questions, please contact Chief of Civil Design Engineering Vincent P. Urbano, P.E. via phone at 757-933-2311.