Emergency Shelters

Emergency Shelters are used to provide an evacuation location for citizens in case of emergency or disaster. You should consider friends, relatives and hotels/motels as alternatives to emergency shelters. If authorities recommend evacuation, you should evacuate the area instead of relying on emergency shelters.

Emergency Shelters are not equipped like hotels. They do not normally have cots, blankets, etc. You must bring your own emergency supplies. (See Family Disaster Kit).

Emergency Shelters will only provide basic medical services.

Dogs and cats are allowed in Newport News shelters with their pet owners. Pet owners should bring the appropriate pet supplies such as a crate, litter box, food, medications, collar, leash, medical records, water/food bowls, a photo of you and your pet for identification, and bedding.

Shelter Facilities
Although the high schools are the normal emergency shelter locations, the actual emergency situation will determine which emergency shelters are opened. Local television, radio and newspapers will be provided the actual emergency shelter locations. The Newport News Emergency Information Center (EIC) will also provide emergency shelter locations.