Evacuation Routes

During the likely event of a state or locally declared evacuation, citizens will be asked to leave their homes for an extended period of time in order to avoid the danger involved with a hurricane landfall in Newport News or the Hampton Roads Area.
  • Citizens are encouraged to keep vehicles fueled during hurricane season (June 1- Nov 30), bring disaster kits and a week's worth of basic supplies with you.
  • Make arrangements ahead of time with relatives or hotels out of the immediate area. Keep your family prepared and plan to take your pets and necessary pet supplies with you.
  • Evacuate using RT 143 West (Jefferson Ave.) to RT. 199 (Williamsburg), to RT 60 West.
  • Or use RT 258 South across the James River Bridge to RT. 258/32 in Isle of Wight.
  • At-risk populations and vulnerable communities will be evacuated by school buses running regular routes or from pickup points south of Mercury Blvd. School buses will transport citizens to an emergency shelter in Newport News.