e-Commerce Grant Program


The purpose of this program is to assist small, women and minority-owned, for-profit Newport News companies in growing their business through e-Commerce. The Economic Development Authority of the City of Newport News, Virginia (EDA) has agreed to help Newport News private businesses grow revenues and jobs through e-Commerce, and has set aside a business assistance grant fund for that purpose. Funds are awarded on a per-case basis and must be provided by a registered licensed e-Commerce service provider.

Services Offered

e-Commerce services can include but are not limited to the following:
  • Other e-Commerce innovations and enhancements as approved by EDA staff
  • Search engine optimization
  • Shopping systems and email marketing
  • System database development
  • Website design and development


Grants are made on a first-come, first-served basis and are limited to available funding. Interested businesses should contact EDA staff for full program information. Eligibility is determined at the discretion of EDA staff. There are awards up to $2,500 for most Newport News small private businesses, not to exceed 50% of total project cost. The awards for women and minority-owned businesses are up to $4,500, not to exceed 50% of total project cost.

Grant Process / How Program Works

  1. Interested businesses can obtain full program information and application from the website noted below or can contact EDA staff at 757-597-2840. EDA staff review process will determine eligibility. The projects must be legal and commercially viable. City of Newport News employees, employee spouses, EDA Board Members, spouses or other city officials and spouses are not eligible to participate in grant program.
  2. All businesses must obtain two quotes from e-Commerce Service Providers that are properly registered and licensed that can provide references.
  3. Each grant award is subject to review and approval of EDA staff and/or their designees.
  4. Grant funds will not be awarded to projects which have been completed prior to approval of a grant application and execution of a Grant Agreement.
  5. Approved grant recipients should pay their portion of the project cost to the Service Provider and EDA staff must receive verification of payment prior to releasing grant funds.
  6. EDA funds are paid to the e-Commerce Service Provider for the approved portion of project cost at project completion.

Additional Information

You can read about the e-Commerce program (PDF) online. If you have any questions, please contact Jared Midkiff via email or at 757-597-2840.