Retiree Fitness

Studies have shown retirees who have a planned exercise program require less healthcare, are less prone to injuries, and experience less stress.  The City of Newport News is pleased to offer retirees a choice of three fitness center membership options.  

Benefit Information

Retirees may choose from membership at OneLife Fitness, Riverside Wellness and Fitness Center, or the Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA.   


Fitness center membership open enrollment occurs every November.  Retirees may make an election during open enrollment to join one of the facilities. Once an election is made, it may not be changed and/or terminated until open enrollment of the following year. Membership through the City's program is open to retirees and spouses for OneLife Fitness and Riverside. You may enroll spouses and children for the YMCA. 

Retirees that are currently enrolled and wish to keep their membership do not have to do anything. Those retirees who do not have membership or would like to change membership programs should visit the facility to enroll or cancel.

Rates and Locations

OneLife Fitness—Main Location

One Life Fitness Logo

815 Middle Ground Blvd.
Newport News, VA 23606
  • $25.00 - Single Membership
  • $50.00 - Single + Spouse

Riverside Wellness & Fitness Center—Main Location

Riverside Logo
12650 Jefferson Ave.
Newport News, VA 23602
  • $28.00 - Single Membership
  • $56.00 - Single + Spouse

Peninsula YMCA

  • $30.00 - Single
  • $50.00 - Single + Spouse
  • $53.00 - One Adult + Children
  • $58.00 - Family
YMCA Locations
Newport News YMCA-Main Location
7827 Warwick Blvd.
Newport News, VA 23607

Hampton Family YMCA
1322 LaSalle Ave.
Hampton, VA 23669

Victory Family YMCA
101 Long Green Blvd.
Yorktown, VA 23693

Luter Family YMCA
259 James St.
Smithfield, VA 23430

R.F. Wilkinson
301 Sentara Circle
Williamsburg, VA 23188