Taxes for Individuals

  1. Personal Property Tax

    Learn how to determine whether you owe property taxes and if you qualify for tax relief programs.

  2. Real Estate Tax

    The Newport News Real Estate Assessor's Office receives its authority from the Virginia Constitution, various statutes of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Newport News Charter and City Code.

  3. State Income Tax

    If you are required to file a state income tax return, the forms are available from the Commissioner of the Revenue.

  4. Tax Relief & Tax Reductions

    Find information about tax relief, deferral, exemption and abatement.

  5. Tax Rate Schedules

    Find the tax rate schedules for personal property, business licensing and business related taxes.

  6. Vehicles Sold or Moved Out of Newport News

    If you sell or move a vehicle from Newport News, you must contact the Commissioner of the Revenue within 30 days so that you are no longer assessed personal property tax for the vehicle.