Business-Related Taxes

  1. Admissions Tax

    Learn more about taxes and how they pertain to events that charge admission; and which activities are exempt.

  2. Cigarette Stamps

    Learn more about the City's cigarette stamp policy and how it relates to the cigarette tax.

  3. Electric Utility and Consumption Tax

    Learn more about the electric utility tax and its rates.

  4. Food & Beverage Tax

    Learn about the taxes placed upon food and beverages.

  5. Natural Gas Utility and Consumption Tax

    Learn about the taxes levied on your natural gas usage.

  6. Public Rights-of-Way Use Fee

    Learn about the Public Rights-of-Way Use fee charged by the City.

  7. Short-Term Rental Tax

    Learn about the short term rental tax levied on rental companies including rates and collection.

  8. Transient Room Tax

    Learn about the taxes levied on customers who purchase board or lodging at any hotel.

  9. Lodging Flat Tax

    The City of Newport News charges a tax on each transient a flat tax of one dollar ($1.00) for each number of rooms/night of lodging per month at any place other than a campground.