Fitness Centers

As part of the City's Wellness Initiative, the City of Newport News offers all full time employees fitness center memberships at a discounted rate.

The City participates with the following  fitness centers : 

  • OneLife Fitness
  • Riverside Wellness and Fitness Center
  • Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA

Employees and their spouses who utilize the facility at least 8 days per month will receive an incentive. Employees are able to enroll at any time during the year and the membership cost is payroll deducted.  

Employees may only terminate their membership during open enrollment or as a result of a qualifying event. Termination of employment prior to the end of the contract year will forfeit any incentive due.

*Please contact the main location of the participating fitness center to register and/or receive additional information.

One Life Fitness logo

OneLife Fitness

815 Middle Ground Boulevard
Newport News, VA 23606

Riverside Wellness Center logo

Riverside Wellness & Fitness Center

12650 Jefferson Avenue
Newport News, VA 23602

  • $28.00 - Single Membership
  • $56.00 - Single + Spouse
YMCA logo

YMCA Memberships

YMCA Benefits
YMCA Participating Locations

  • $30.00 - Single
  • $50.00 - Single + Spouse
  • $53.00 - One Adult + Children
  • $58.00 - Family