Fitness Centers

As part of the City's Wellness Initiative, the City of Newport News offers all full time employees fitness center memberships at a discounted rate.

The City participates with the following  fitness centers : 

  • OneLife Fitness
  • Riverside Wellness and Fitness Center
  • Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA

Employees are able to enroll at any time during the year (at a Newport News location) and the membership cost is payroll deducted.  

Employees who wish to cancel their membership must contact the  fitness center directly (at the respective Newport News location).  

*Please contact the main location of the participating fitness center to register and/or receive additional information.

One Life Fitness logo

OneLife Fitness

815 Middle Ground Boulevard
Newport News, VA 23606

Riverside Wellness Center logo

Riverside Wellness & Fitness Center

12650 Jefferson Avenue
Newport News, VA 23602

  • $28.00 - Single Membership
  • $56.00 - Single + Spouse
YMCA logo

YMCA Memberships

YMCA Benefits
YMCA Participating Locations

  • $30.00 - Single
  • $50.00 - Single + Spouse
  • $53.00 - One Adult + Children
  • $58.00 - Family