Tax Relief, Deferral, Exemption & Abatement

  1. Car Tax Relief

    Learn how we calculate your vehicle's discount for your personal property tax.

  2. Handicapped / Disabled Veteran Motor Vehicle Tax

    Learn about the handicapped/disabled veteran vehicle tax and how to qualify for a tax reduction.

  3. Military Tax Information

    Find tax information specific for active duty military, retired and disabled military members.

  4. Mobile Home Tax Deferral

    If you are disabled and living in a mobile home, you may qualify for a tax break. Download the application today.

  5. Real Estate Tax Deferral for Elderly & Disabled

    Learn more about qualifying for real estate tax deferral if you are elderly and disabled.

  6. Real Estate Tax Exemption For Elderly

    You may apply for this program between January 1 until August 31 each calendar year.

  7. Real Estate Tax Exemption for Disabled Veterans

    See eligibility requirements and download an application for real estate tax exemption for disabled veterans.

  8. Residential Real Estate Property Tax Abatement

    This program is available on a city-wide basis and tax abatement can be utilized for all homes, regardless of value or homeowners income.