Check Processing

Checks are processed on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. If you need a check for the next check run day day, please submit your signed quick entry along with the proper documentation by 12 PM. If the vendor is not in the vendor file, please contact Purchasing at extension 8721.

Quick Entry Balancing Days

  • Tuesday- Maribeth Ryan
  • Wednesday - Susan Prillaman
  • Friday - Jessica Sanford

Processing Purchase Order Invoices

If you have physically received items listed on your purchase order, please receipt in MUNIS using the packing slip or shipping ticket. It is very important to use the actual date received and not today's date. All invoices should be mailed directly to the Finance Department/ Accounts Payable as stated on the purchase order.

If the department receives an invoice directly, please receipt and forward it to Accounts Payable for payment. If an invoice has been receipted and attached to the PO, please contact Accounts Payable so we can schedule payment. If we have scanned/faxed an invoice to a department to receipt, please let us know by phone or email when you have done so.

Please be aware that invoices mailed directly to departments may incur finance charges and/or late fees if not receipted and submitted promptly.

Authorized Signatures

Finance maintains a list of authorized signatures. If you need to delete or add a signature, please contact Brittany Barnes via email or download the form needed.