Crime Victim & Witness Notification Act

As a victim or witness of crime, you have the right to:
  • Notification by the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office of judicial proceedings related to my case (in accordance with Code Section 19.2-265-01)
  • Notification by the Department of Corrections or the Sheriff's Department of the escape, transfer, release, etc. of a prisoner (in accordance with Code Section 53.1-133.02)
  • Preparation of written Victim Impact Statement prior to the sentencing of a defendant (in accordance with Code Section 16.1-273 and 53.1-155)
Please print and fill out the Request for Notification (PDF) form and mail to:
Newport News Victim-Witness Assistance Program
2501 Washington Ave.
6th Floor
Newport News, VA 23607

For more information, please contact the Newport News Victim-Witness Program at 757-926-7443.