The City of Newport News will be making electronic payments to vendors using Bank of America's ePayables credit card product. This service allows you to accept payment by keeping our credit card information on file. Once an invoice has been approved for payment we'll fund the card for the exact amount, send you a remittance advice via email listing the invoices we intend to pay, and at that time you can charge the card for that invoice amount.


If you accept Visa or MasterCard payments, your firm can participate in this program. Find out how ePayables works. To enroll in ePayables, please contact Jen Etcher at 757-926-8285.


Your participation in this electronic initiative will yield benefits such as:

  • Saving time and money - ePayables reduces the labor, hassle, expenses, and risk associated with checks.
  • Enhancing cash flow - ePayables expedites the receipt of cash by eliminating mail and paper check float.
  • Requiring no change to current invoicing procedures.
  • Providing better control by eliminating the need to give out bank information for ACH payments.
  • Going green - paperless, electronic payments are more secure, save money, and also help conserve the environment by eliminating printing and mailing paper checks.


Check our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.