PHOTOSafe Intersections

Newport News Intersections Approved by VDOT for Camera Enforcement:
  •  Mercury Blvd. at Jefferson Ave.
    (Cameras Activated May 15, 2010)
  • Denbigh Blvd. at Jefferson Ave.
    (Cameras Activated June 26, 2010)
  • Oyster Point Rd. at Jefferson Ave.
    (Cameras Activated August 31, 2010) 

The intersections are listed in the order of camera activation.

  • The City of Newport News Traffic Engineers conducted a safety study at all approved intersections, as required by VDOT. This analysis included a 48-hour automatic traffic recording, directional and classification count, turn movement counts, and a 12-hour video survey of red light violations. All intersections approved were done by VDOT in accordance with Code of Virginia § 15.2-968.1.
  • When the red light cameras installed at an intersection are initially activated, a 30 day automated violation warning period is given. This period is considered part of the public awareness program for PHOTOSafe. Additionally, signs warning drivers that the signal is photo enforced are installed within 500 feet of the intersection.
  • Please contact the Newport News Police PHOTOSafe program coordinator if you have any questions, or comments regarding PHOTOSafe.