City Code Regarding Photo Monitoring Intersections

Sec. 26-9.1. - Establishment of a photo-monitoring system to enforce traffic light signals.
(a) There is hereby established a traffic signal enforcement program as authorized by the provisions of Section 15.2-968.1 of the Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended. The approved system shall be installed, operated and maintained by city forces and/or private vendors at the discretion of and subject to the overall supervision of the city manager. All equipment and technology used to establish and operate this program shall be reliable and of the highest quality. The traffic signal enforcement program shall be established and operated at all times in conformity with the aforesaid Section 15.2-968.1.
(b) Failure to comply with a traffic signal, as shown by any photographs, microphotographs, videotape or other recorded image as produced by the approved traffic light signal monitoring system is a violation of this section. The monetary penalty for failure to comply with a traffic light signal shall be fifty dollars ($50.00).
(c) Conspicuous signs shall be placed on streets leading to intersections where the traffic light signal enforcement program is deployed. Such signs shall disclose the presence of the traffic light signal violation monitoring system at such intersections. The signs shall be placed not less than three hundred (300) feet nor more than five hundred (500) feet from the intersection.
(d) Proceedings to enforce this section shall conform to the requirements of the aforesaid Section 15.2-968.1 or to such other procedures as may be authorized by law. Appropriate forms, as contemplated by the aforesaid Section 15.2-968.1, shall be utilized and shall be subject to review and approval by the chief of police and the city attorney.
(Ord. No. 6422-07)