Outreach Program

To create and maintain, within a graduated sanctions model, a comprehensive model of innovative community-based supervision that reinforces youth accountability and restorative justice and that promotes public safety.

Goals & Objectives
The goal of the Outreach Program is to provide a cost-effective, non-residential, and community-based system of services for juvenile offenders, which establishes juvenile accountability in a strength-based model while supporting juvenile rehabilitation. The Outreach Program provides a variety of non-residential and community-based programs designed to:
  • Reinforce juvenile accountability for behaviors in a graduated sanction model that provides consequences which are both reward and rehabilitative based, and which are directed at reducing recidivism
  • Provide monitoring, supervision, and surveillance of juveniles in the community, on behalf of the referring agent, at varying levels dictated by client need
  • Provide educational, social, recreational, and character development activities for juveniles in order to encourage development of positive personal assets and facilitate linkages between juveniles and supportive community organizations
  • Provide communication between the referring agent and schools, vocational centers, employers, and other community-based service providers in order to monitor the juveniles' performance and compliance
  • Provide crisis intervention services to the juvenile and his/her family
  • Provide referral information about services designed to address family needs and/or problems
Duration of Program
  • Court Ordered - Until release by the court or violation by program for non-compliance
  • CSU Post-Dispositional - 30 days on initial admission; 30-day additional one time extension
  • Intake Referral - Until disposition by the court
Eligibility Criteria
All services within the Outreach Program are accessible to juveniles between the ages of 8 through 17 years, who:
  • Have been processed through the Hampton or Newport News Court Service Unit Intake Office
  • Have been adjudicated and ordered to participate by either the Hampton or Newport News Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court
  • Have been ordered to participate while under the jurisdiction of the respective Circuit Court pending the appeal process of a juvenile court conviction
  • Are in post-dispositional status and referred by the assigned Court Service Unit as a graduated sanction for non-compliance with established supervision rules
Program Operations
The Outreach Program operates with a staff of both full-time and part-time counselors experienced in working intensively with juveniles and their families. Services are provided on an as-needed basis 24/7. Specific requirements are mandated requiring the frequency of contacts within the home, which ensure a high level of supervision and monitoring. The cornerstone of the program's success is establishing a professional, yet supportive, relationship with the juvenile and his/her family.

Benefits to Participants
The Outreach Program provides several benefits to participants and their families. These benefits include:
  • The ability to be supervised in the least restrictive manner, in lieu of detainment
  • The ability to participate in community-based services in order to implement treatment in a timely manner
  • The ability to receive assistance towards rehabilitation within the home environment, where continued success in demonstrating more socially acceptable behavior will be the ultimate challenge
Unique / Innovative Aspects
The Outreach Program provides service to one of the largest populations of juveniles within the state. The program is unique due to the integrated approach utilized in the provision of all service. The program strives to go beyond mere supervision and community-based surveillance; the staff works towards engaging the juvenile and the family and working toward assisting them in accessing services which will promote a positive change in their lives.