Intensive Evening Supervision Program

To provide intensive structure and supervision for offenders during traditionally high risk / low supervision time periods, while integrating the youth into community resources that will provide long-term positive support.

Goals & Objectives
  • Provide a viable intervention within a graduated sanction framework
  • Provide structured and supervised group activities
  • Engage youth in educational, cultural, and social skills building activities
  • Ensure court appearances of youth
  • Reduce recidivism
Duration of Program
  • Youths ordered by the court participate until their next court date or as specified in the court order.
  • Youths referred by agency / program participate 30 days or more, depending on the needs of the youth.
Eligibility Criteria
The Intensive Evening Supervision Program is accessible to any juvenile ages 10 through 17 years who:
  • Has been adjudicated delinquent or has status offense charges
  • Has been referred by an authorized referring agency or program such as the Young Juvenile Offender Program, the Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Program, the HYPE Mentoring Program, the Department of Human Services, or the Newport News Public School System
  • Is in a post-dispositional status and referred by the assigned Court Services Unit as a graduated sanction for non-compliance with established supervision rules
Benefits to Participants
Juveniles participate in highly structured activities in the areas of educational tutoring, recreation, therapeutic counseling, and life skills training. Transportation is provided to and from the site. Participants also receive a nutritious dinner.

Unique / Innovative Aspects
This program utilizes a holistic approach to better address the youth's needs. This program focuses on supervising youth during the after school hours, when they are not very well supervised at home and are more likely to engage in criminal behaviors. Evidence suggests that increased supervision and structure during this time period can reduce recidivism.

Program Operations
Program hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 4 PM to 7 PM.