System Development Fee

New Connections

For each new connection made to the Newport News Waterworks' system, a System Development Fee will be charged based on the size of the meter to be installed.


FY2022 July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022 Fees are listed below.
​Fees are the same as FY2021 (no increase).

Meter Size (Inches)
5/8 $2,520
3/4 $3,780
1 $6,300
1 1/2
2 $28,980
3 $67,284
4 $157,500
6 $332,640
8 $546,084
10 $873,684


When the size of the meter servicing any premises is increased, the applicant for the increase shall pay a fee equal to the difference between the current system development fee for the existing meter and the current system development fee for the larger meter to be installed. All system development fees shall be paid prior to the physical placement of the water meter for the new connection. Individual taps of connections, not part of any water pipeline extension agreement, will require payment of the system development fee upon application.