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Waterworks provides water-themed presentations tailored for diverse age groups within our community organizations. These presentations cover diverse topics. Additionally Newport News Waterworks plays an active role in supporting our community through engagement in activities like community organization meetings, job fairs, scout groups and diverse community events. 

Available presentation topics include:

  • Decoding Your Water Bill
  • Navigating the Customer Portal
  • NNWW By the Numbers
  • Work for Water: Careers at Waterworks

To schedule a presentation please contact Meagan Brown at or 757-926-1182

Classroom Outreach

Waterworks is proud to offer in-person Classroom presentations.  The exciting and educational world of drinking water will come straight to your classroom at no cost to you. 

We currently offer two SOL based lesson plans with more on the way. 

From the Source to the Tap 

This lesson can be adapted for all grade levels.
Students will learn how drinking water is brought from our reservoirs to their home. They will investigate the importance of watersheds in clean drinking water. Students will work in teams to build and test a water filter similar to the ones used by Waterworks. 

Riding the Water Cycle (Grades 3-7)

Students become a water drop as they travel through the different stages in this interactive lesson. Closely aligned with the SOLs this activity is a great enhancement activity or a review of the water cycle. 

COMING SOON! Virtual Water Treatment Plant Tour

Get a close up look at how our water is cleaned before it is sent to your home. 

Our Educators will not only visit schools but they are available to visit with community groups as well. 

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For additional assistance, call Waterworks Marketing Coordinator at 757-926-1182.

Waterworks is a partner in Newport News Public Schools' "Employers For Learning" program.