Make a Payment

The Treasurer's Office accepts payment for the following bills with a check and/or credit card:


  1. Parking Ticket

    You can pay your parking ticket either in person or online.

  2. Personal Property Tax

    You can pay your personal property tax either in person or online.

  3. Real Estate

    You can pay your real estate tax either in person or online.

  4. Stormwater Fee

    You can pay your stormwater fee either in person or online.

  5. Vehicle License Fee

    You can pay your vehicle license fee either in person or online.

  6. Virginia State Income Tax

    Learn of the ways to pay your state income tax.

Additionally, we offer two, free payment programs to assist with payments:

Easy Pay

The Easy Pay program allows residents the ease and convenience of pre-authorized tax payments, providing you an opportunity to tailor your tax payments to your monthly, quarterly, or due date budget. You will no longer need to worry about remembering to make your payment or about lost payments.

Easy Check

Our free to use Easy Check program allows you to pay your tax bills and fees online in a safe, secure and convenient environment. It's even mobile friendly.

You can also pay other bills not limited to the Treasurer's Office. Please visit our Pay a Bill page for a full listing.

Contact Us

  1. Marty Eubank, Treasurer
    Marty Eubank, Treasurer
    P.O. Box 975
    Newport News, VA 23607


    Monday - Friday
    8 AM - 5 PM

    Please view our Hours & Locations page for a complete listing of important phone numbers.