Internal Audit

The Internal Audit Department helps management maintain the financial and operational integrity of the city by examining and analyzing city financial data, operations, programs, and services. Internal Audit prepares an annual audit plan to allocate resources and prioritize our work schedule to include oversight of certain city departments and programs as well as special project requests.


In the course of our work, we review compliance with applicable laws and regulations, perform internal control and risk assessment evaluations, and provide consultation when requested. We assist the external auditors with audit work for the city's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. The department is also responsible for examining those accounts where the city serves as fiscal agent, custodian, or trustee. In completing each project, we recommend ways city management can use resources in a more efficient, effective, and economical manner and safeguard the city's assets.


Our mission is to provide quality audit services in an independent and objective manner to assure city financial and operational integrity, accountability, efficiency and effectiveness, and compliance with laws and regulations.