Citizen Police Academy for Seniors (CPAS)

The Citizen Police Academy for Seniors provides an opportunity for senior citizens with an inside look at local law enforcement.
Citizen Police Academy for Seniors
During an 8-week, 1 day per week, 3 hours per day curriculum, police executives, veteran police officers, civilians and volunteers instruct students concerning a variety of subjects pertaining to law enforcement. The participants will have the opportunity to meet with the Chief of Police and staff members.

Informational Brochure

The goal of the academy is to:
  • Increase understanding through education and interaction with members of the Police Department
  • Give our senior citizens the opportunity to learn why police officers "can" and/or "cannot" do certain things
  • Increase police awareness to dispel suspicions, and to increase police/community rapport through educational programs
Class locations vary, since the sessions are usually hosted by a local church or synagogue in all 3 precincts.

Instructions Received
Classroom Instruction
  • Policing: Past, Present, and Future
  • When, Why, and How to Call the Police
  • 911 to Jail: Response, Investigate, Adjudicate,
  • Home Security, and Safety
  • Community Resources for Senior Citizens
  • K-9 Unit
Must be over 50 years of age and must live or work in the City of Newport News in order to attend the Academy.