Health & Safety

Safety personnel within the Office of Risk Management work hard to protect the occupational safety and health of city employees every day. We also continually update this page with timely information in an effort to keep you informed of issues that affect you, your family, and your life in Hampton Roads.

Personal Protective Equipment
Health & Safety Bulletins
Learn about H1N1 Swine Flu and Halloween Fire Safety information in our most recent safety bulletin.
Risk Management Training
Citizen Feedback
Part of our job is to ensure that buildings and property owned by the City of Newport News are in a safe condition. If there is a safety hazard you'd like to alert us to, tell us about it. Please note that we cannot assist you with safety concerns on private property.

Universal Empathy
If you are one of the thousands of hard-working individuals employed in the Commonwealth of Virginia, you have probably wondered about your rights as an employee at one time or another. Maybe you own a business in the City of Newport News and are boggled by the seemingly-never ending list of Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) regulations you're required to follow. A great resource, the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry helps people like you stay informed. You can take a free class to educate yourself about OSHA regulations, download required posters for your workplace, or brush up on labor and employment law.