Budget Billing

Questions & Answers About Budget Billing

Budget billing is a great way to plan for your household expenses. It’s a convenient plan that lets you even out your payments across the year, saving you from unpredictable changes in your water bill.

Budget Billing does not reduce your expenses. It simply lets you spread them out over a one-year period. It lets you know ahead of time what your monthly payment will be so you'll be able to manage your household budget a whole lot easier.

How does budget billing work?

With budget billing, we estimate your water usage for the year ahead based on your previous 12-month usage history. Then we divide the total by 12 to arrive at your Budget Billing payment amount. We review your account every year and adjust your payment up or down based on your actual water consumption.

We estimate your budget billing installment amount as accurately as possible. However, changes in the weather or in your lifestyle can happen at any time. To avoid a significant difference between the amount that you're billed for and the actual amount of water used, we’ll conduct annual reviews of your account.

What if the settlement bill or "true-up" is a lot more than my budget billing amount?

If you have overpaid, the amount will be credited to your account.  If you have underpaid and you are closing out your Waterworks account, you must “true-up” and pay the balance of what is owed. However if your account remains active the “true-up” amount will be rolled over and  Waterworks will recalculate your budget bill payment to provide you with a more accurate payment based on your account history. Remember, each time you receive a bill, the second page shows your accumulated true-up amount. By monitoring this, there will not be any surprises at the end of your budget billing year. 

How will I know my budget billing amount for the next budget year?

At the end of each yearly budget billing cycle, your bill will show the amount of your budget billing payment for the next budget year. We base the amount on current rates and your water usage history.

How do I qualify for budget billing?

If you’ve been a Newport News Waterworks residential customer for one full year and your account is current, you qualify for budget billing.

How can I find out what my monthly budget billing amount would be?

Simply call us at 757-926-1000 and our one of our customer service representatives, can tell you how much your budget billing payment will be.

What does this service cost?

Budget billing is free!

How can I enroll?

You may enroll by calling us at 757-926-1000 Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM and a customer service representative will be able to help you enroll.

Won’t I be paying for something I’m not using?

Your annual costs will be the same as without budget billing. There will be times when you pay for more than you use. There will also be times, such as in the summer, when you will pay for less than you use. But with budget billing, your bill will always be for the same amount.

I'm a new Waterworks customer. Can I apply for budget billing?

No. We want to insure your budget billing accurately reflects your water usage patterns. We need a history of 12 billing periods to determine this.

What if I move out of Waterworks service area?

If you move out of Waterworks service area, your final bill will, plus or minus the billing difference to date, is calculated and due when your final bill is paid. If you have a credit balance after this amount is calculated, you may request a refund.

What happens to the monthly amount if there is a rate change?

If there is a change in rate schedules, your monthly amount will change accordingly.

How will I know if you changed my monthly amount?

We will print the new budget amount on your bill one billing period before the change.

Do I have to stay on the plan for an entire year?

You may withdraw from budget billing at any time. Any money owed to us in the deferred balance would be due and payable with the next bill.

If I’m on budget billing, can I pay extra toward my bill?

We discourage this because any extra amount paid will automatically change the amount due for the next month’s bill. This can cause confusion. For example: The budget amount of your current bill is $100 but you pay $125. The next billing period, your bill will show an amount due of $75.

Can I enroll in budget billing if my account is overdue?

Residential customers may not enroll in the budget billing if they have an overdue balance.

If I have a nonresidential account, can I enroll in budget billing?

No. Waterworks’ budget billing service is only available to residential customers.

How do I cancel budget billing?

Simply call 757-926-1000, Monday through Friday between 8 AM and 5 PM, and a customer service representative will help you cancel your budget billing.