Automatic Payments

Recurring (Automatic) Payments

For your convenience, you can arrange to have your utility bills paid automatically by choosing the recurring payment option in Waterworks’ Online Account Management System. With recurring payments, you select your payment method – credit card, debit card, or direct from your bank account – as well as the payment date and amount. On the date you’ve specified, your payment will be made automatically.

You can choose from two types of recurring payments. You can pay the full balance, or you pay a pre-determined (fixed) amount, which allows you to choose between making monthly or weekly payments.

Paying a fixed amount

Paying a fixed amount is sometimes helpful for people on a budget, who may prefer to divide their balance into several payments. For example, if you get paid every two weeks, you can schedule payments for each payday.

Paying the full bill amount

Prior to each due date, you will receive your utility bill by mail or a billing notification by email, text, or phone, depending on the notification preferences you’ve selected. Payments can be scheduled for when the bill arrives, on the due date, or another date that you designate.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact Newport News Waterworks Customer Service at 757-926-1000, and we will work with you to resolve them promptly.

There is no fee for this service, and you may discontinue the recurring payments feature at any time.